dance and the name.

I was  thinking that if “The Half” will be constructed as a “dance” piece, the problematic of production and communication is going to turn around the  natural “impersonal” aura that movement grants to the performer.

The problematic comes when we consider the movement of the body as the previous step for a sign to be interpreted, or as the previous step before to give a “name” to something and “think” about it as a “representation”.

This “impersonal” previous step of  a “sign”, “name” and “representation”  is going to produce friction with the movement material that I called  personal (intimate) and fictional (entertaining).

Thus, we will have a clash between “abstract” dance and the ambition to do as well a “personal” and “fictional” dance. We will have a contradiction between the abstract nature of dance and its possibility to be re-presented as a theatrical event.

I will quote a text of  Alan Badiou from his “Handbook of Inaesthetics” to clarify from where my thoughts comes from:

Dance would provide the metaphor for the fact that every genuine thought depends upon an event. An event is precisely what remains undecided between the taking place and the non-place in the guise of an emergence that is indiscernible from its own disappearence.

The name is what decides upon the having taking place. Dance would then point toward thought as event, but before this thought has received a name – at the extreme edge of its veritable disappearence.

This is to say that if we don’t do “theatre” we would not be representing any idea that will encounter the audience.  If we do “dance” we will be articulating “time” or the pre-artciulation of time before an idea could be captured and represented as a figure of thought.

When the organization of the body movements of  the performer will be “recognized” as a clear sign, idea or thought, the question is: which kind of idea is that body giving away? Which type of recognizable movement we will be talking about?

In other words, when the previous moment of thought (event) , finally is made possible to be thought with ideas of common opinion, how to direct that process of thought for all ?

How to deal with representation?

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