what “The half” could be…?

9 7 09

The Half is an investigation about the multiple capacity of  a performer/body to present him-herself  on stage.

The generator of the material will be the performer himself, in relation with his way of enacting private, public and artificial-fictional situations, through the means of continuous movement.

What interest me is to see the cross pathways in which contemporary man find himself having to enact many roles, at least three (private, public and fictional), all at the same time and in any kind of successive order.

Music and dance are the two elements to navigate the three performances stages.

The songs that the performers bring to the music composer will be the starting point to work on their “private” state of being.

The remix of that musical track will accompany the “fictional” state, sometimes escalating to an almost entertaining spectacle.

In between those two registers (private and fictional) we will find the “public” state of being.

Half means the methodology to work with “separations”.

The common sense ideology  of a group working together is that they are integrated into an harmonious integrated whole. Not accepting that ideology, we will separate each one from the other one’s; augmenting the distances between persons. The methodology is of non-relation. The same methodology is applied in the use of time. The continuous flow of time will be interrupted like in a Brecht play. Each person will be asked to separate himself from his own actions, jumping from intimacy to the public arena at any moment. The separation operates in the middle of any performative action. The act never completes itself guarding the unfolding of potency. Actions are always in-complete and therefore remain possible.

There is a lot of aggression and violence involved in this methodology. I see the play as an antagonistic arena. The final result could be imagined as a musical concert or a varieté where each act, each person, each element, in its defined unity, connects (via non-relation) with the total performance through energetic counterpoints. The energetic collisions are the very connection between the different elements.

It is a passionate fight to survive all together under the gaze of the audience, and that very fight of separation is what bounces back bringing us together. The relation of non relation.

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